Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulation


1. 3 rounds 3 minutes each with 1 minute of rest in between rounds

2. Fight to be held in a circular pit, 20' in diameter

3. Male fighters allowed to wear boxer trunks or 3/4ths and Female fighters are allowed to wear 3/4ths or shorts coupled with sports half sleeve or sleeveless uppers

4. Fight can be stopped as follows:

-Knock-out(standard 10 counts) -T.K.O(Total Knock Out) stoppage will be on the basis of refree decision -Corner throw in the towel -Submission/Tap Out -Choke Out -Doctor intervention

5. Punches, Kicks, Elbow Strikes, Joint Locks and/or chokes are permitted

6. Target Area for all strikes include head and body with the exception of behind the head,eyes and the groin

7. Standard MMA gloves to be used by the fighters will be checked before entering the cage if found suspicious will be replaced by onsite gloves

8. 3 judges score card will be in effect and the average shall be considered to declare who is victorious

9. In case of a tie/no-contest an extra round will be played and the decision will be taken on the basis of that round

10. If there is still a no contest then an additional round will be played in which whichever opponent lands the first clear strike will be declared as the winner

11. Fight shall not be interrupted in the event of a clinch and/or fall to the mat

12. There may or may not be a drug test before or after the event. Sole discretion lies with MMA Champions League. If found consuming any illegal drugs/steroids the fighter may loose a chance to contest or loose his title