MMA is a challenging sport it requires the fighters to have the following qualities.


MMA athletes have superior strength and stamina compared to any other sport. Because MMA is a mix of all forms of martial arts which have different strength and conditioning pattern.


MMA athletes require to have superhuman speed and agility, otherwise the opponent will easily read the moves and counter accordingly. Speed and agility helps the fighter to surprise his opponent.


Technique is the backbone of MMA. A fighter needs to master various striking, grappling and submission techniques in order to become a complete fighter. Also a fighter needs to have the heart to face an unknown opponent.


The Selection will take place at XFF Gym, Khar(West). The selection will be unbiased and will be based on your performance on the day of selection. The Selection will take place on 9th March, 2020. The selection will be based on the following 4 rounds. The aggregate score of these 4 rounds will determine your selection.

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Each fighter will be given a chance to demonstrate their fighting skill. The duration of the round will be minimum 2 minutes unless the selection panel decides to see more.


Since you will be fighting in a professional environment which is risk to your life. We would want to see whether you know to defend yourself and survive in the ring.


There will be workouts given to check your fitness level. Because MMA requires high level of fitness. Fitness is also important to make sure you last those taxing rounds.


This round is to check the reason behind why you want to fight. Your past awards and accolades. Will and Passion is what drives all fighters. Do you have it in you?