Advisory Panel

Yash Birla - Chairman Yash Birla Group

An entrepreneur , Mr Yash Birla is the chairperson of Yash Birla Group,an Indian industrial conglomerate group based in Mumbai. The group has diversified interest in industries like steel pipes, Machine tools, cutting tools, tool holders, iron castings, power solution products, multipurpose engines pumps, electrical appliances, textiles, carpets, furnishing, lifestyle, infotech, publication, travel, electricity, property development, cotton ginning etc.

Mr Birla is a fitness enthusiast and apart from his business success is also known for his passion in fitness and his fitness ventures .Mr Birla also has a DOJO which is a Yash Birla Group and an India Fight Factory venture. Dojo is a Japanese term which literally means "Place Of The Way"- A place where you learn and train in Martial Arts and also owns the Birla Healthcare Ayurveda.

Faisal Farooqui - Founder & CEO

Named as Entrepreneur of the year by Entrepreneur Magazine,Top 5 Techie to follow in India Faisal Farooqui is the Founder and CEO of yet another Manthan Award winning website by Government of India, India's largest consumer review and recommendation platform Faisal is a highly recognized IT entrepreneur who is among the trailblazers of his generation,Faisal has addressed and presented at more than 500 national and international conferences and seminars including at lIM Ahmedabad, IIT Mumbai and Tedx. His work on Internet Technology, Branding, Entrepreneurship, social media and e-commerce has appeared or been profiled in almost all major newspaper and magazines and TV channels in India as well as Wall Street Journal, CNN, BBC and Financial Times.

A Fitness Enthusiast Faisal is passionate about MMA for last 12 years and his entire family is part of MMA ! Even after his rigorous routine at work and meetings Faisal makes sure that he does his workout in the evening at XFF MMA Gym. Because of his dedication to work and fitness faisal has been idolized by most of the people in his influencing circle. Faisal constantly motivates all his employees to have some kind of fitness regime.

Because of his die hard passion for fitness and for the shear love for MMA as a sport Faisal will be playing an important role in reshaping the MMA sport in India with the help of MMA Champions League. He will be playing a very crucial role in the advisory panel.

Dhanesh Chheda - Director Just Men

An FIT Graduate from New York,Dhanesh has been an entrepreneur in Mens Fashion for 27 years with Niche Clientele from across the Globe which includes top Business honchos and celebrities. Dhanesh has been a Fitness Enthusiast for last 30 years with expertise in Nutrition, Gymming and he actively participates in various sports like Tennis, Cricket, Taekwondo, Cycling and Nanchako and has won many of these tournaments. A pure Vegetarian he says "Nothing comes easy in life, Dedication, Hard Work and Passion are the key to achieve success in life"

Dhanesh has a superb physique and is a source of motivation for people around him. Since Dhanesh has already learnt various forms of martial arts like Taekwondo/ Nanchaks it took him no time to get hooked on to the concept of MMA Champions League. Dhanesh agrees that there should be an unbiased platform for all MMA Athletes and a stage where they can confidentally show case their talent no matter which part of the world they come from.

Dhanesh's expertise in fitness and nutrition will be helpful for our participants and champions in future as nutrition and fitness are key for an MMA Champion.He beleives MMA Champions League will start a new revolution in the MMA Scene in India and give it a truely international platform.

Dhanesh will be actively involved throughout the event and we look forward to his valuable contribution to the advisory panel.

Dr Akil Khan - Veteran Healthcare

Dr Akil Khan is in the Healthcare industry for last 15 years , he was former head for Bhatia Hospital, Asian Heart institute to name a few.

His initiative of Tour De France of cycling India Franchise was a super success with many sports enthusiasts joining the same. He launched India's first Heart Health Care Line. He is currently MD for ID Sports and Uber healthcare and Vice chairman for Enso Care. Passionate about Sports he started with Cyclothon. Cycling lndia Franchise was a super success with many sports enthusiasts joining the same.

Dr Akil and his team of healthcare professionals will be crucial for MMA Champions League as MMA is a gladiator sport. In each MMA fight the fighters put their life at risk.Dr Akil Khan and his team will ensure that the fighters health and injuries are addressed and not just that but will also help with their health maintenance.

We look forward to his support and expertise as a vital part of our advisory panel.